Hello world!

Welcome to Cursillo in the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh.

In November 2009, the Standing Committee and Bishop Price gave permission for us to explore ways to renew Cursillo within our Diocese.  They appointed Celinda Scott to head the committee.

In January 2010 a string of emails got us started.  More people became involved and added input.  We’ve been in contact with National Episcopal Cursillo and through their guidance and support had our first meeting on March 11th at the Diocesan Offices.

Ten people came to the first meeting including Bishop Price, Celinda Scott, Cindy Leap, John Rogers, Annis Rogers, Lionel Deimel, The Rev. Bruce Robison, The Rev. Vicente Santiago, Gwen Santiago and Pam Gardner.

We continue to plan and pray it is the will of the Holy Spirit that Cursillo be Renewed and Restored in the Diocese of Pittsburgh.